Nigerian ambassador visited NTC

The Ambassador of Nigeria Peter Kevin and his entourage accepted the invitation from Deputy Mayor for economics and asset management Ondřej Baránek to visit the town council of Havířov. After a friendly discussion with the town’s management about a potential partnership in the area of sports and culture, Peter went to see selected sports grounds in Havířov. As a football fan, he couldn’t miss the Football club of Havířov in Prostřední Suchá.

The visit and negotiations should’ve outlined the possibilities of future partnership mainly in the area of sports. The whole delegation had a tour of the city, a visit to the local football club, and the National Training Centre for table tennis. Apart from the town’s management, it was also Nicolas Endal, the chairman of the Table tennis club of Havířov, who accompanied the foreign hosts.

„Nigeria is a seed bag of football talents, but also surprisingly for table tennis players as well. Europe, including Havířov, has the means to offer young football and table tennis players from Africa good facilities and quality coaches and thereby develop their talent. We also spoke about a possible capital investment from the Nigerian side to our football club. The ambassador Peter Kevin is leaning towards it and I am too,“ describes Ondřej Beránek.

After the visit of the town council of Havířov, the hosts took the Nigerian delegation on a city tour. They saw National Training Centre for table tennis, the pride of the city, which was opened last year and is among the best cutting-edge sports facilities for national centres in Europe. “Of course, it is no news to us that table tennis is popular in Nigeria. After all, Nigerian longtime number one Quadri Aruna was at this year’s World Championships in Houston in the quarterfinals. And the youth also have excellent. We would like to see closer cooperation and, for example, welcome players from this African country to a camp in our centre in the near future, “added Nikolas Endal.


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