The largest training centre in the CZ.

32 tables

For domestic and international tournaments.


9 rooms! Perfect conditions for up to 24 athletes, including food, gym and regeneration.


Massages, lymphatic drainage, bath therapy, infrared sauna.

The National Training Centre (NTC) is a unique sports facility, one of a kind in the Czech Republic. Its parameters make it the largest and most modern hall for table tennis in this country. It offers the possibility of fitting up to 32 tables for training needs on 2,000 square metres, as well as organizing domestic and international tournaments. The hall offers several functional changes to the playing area and to the stands for spectators. Its operator is the table tennis club SKST Havířov.

The construction lasted three years and cost 110 million Czech Crowns. In addition to a huge playing area, the complex also offers high quality facilities. There are accommodation facilities, a gym, a regeneration centre, a special room for video analysis as well as catering facilities.

About Us

The National Table Tennis Training Centre offers the possibility of training and camps in a top notch facility with excellent training conditions matching European standards.